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Wilmington is the county seat and the eighth largest city in North Carolina.  With over one hundred thousand residents, Wilmington NC is a thriving city with a strong real estate market.

With Wilmington being a port city with numerous beaches; Wilmington truly provides a water lifestyle.  With many of the residents of Wilmington living between the ocean, the river and one of the four major beachfront communities, the Wilmington area has a home for every lifestyle.

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With such a long history, the houses built in and around Wilmington vary dramatically.  Ranging from small condos to large mansions, Wilmington has a house for everyone.  Depending on the time of year, Wilmington generally has about 1,000 active listings.  The time it takes to sell your home in Wilmington has consistently been shorter than national averages, showing a demand for housing.

The Wilmington NC downtown area consists of about 300 blocks and is steeped in history and new construction alike.  The real estate market for the downtown area is booming with a brand new convention center and major real estate project such as PPD’s World Headquarters recently moving here.

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